All I want for Christmas….is a mute button for the kids.

So. I’d finished work, made dinner and settled down to relax for half an hour before the evening routine of school homework, baths bedtime story etc., when Stroppy 2 came home.

Now all my offspring are Aries, which makes them complete teases – especially with each other. Within 2 minutes of Stroppy 2 being home, Stroppy 3 is screaming, he is shouting/laughing, the dog is barking like mad and I’m going more grey by the minute.

I ask them quietly to stop messing around and get on with their homework. They can’t hear me because of the din so I ask them again, this time a little louder. By now they are so hyper that they wouldn’t hear a bomb go off next door, so I resort to my coping technique for Stroppy 1 and leave them to it 😉