Christmas. Done.

This isn’t meant to be a smug post. Promise 🙂 But I’ve done Christmas.

The presents are wrapped (adults of course! ALL good girls and boys get their gifts from Father Christmas) The cards are written, addressed and are ready to be posted/delivered on December 1st. And all the decorations for this year are bought ready to update the tree as I decided to have a change from the traditional red and gold theme, and go for a more trendy green and silver one.

The problem is this – I don’t feel very Christmassy now. Maybe once December arrives and the advent calenders start being opened then that lovely warm feeling will kick in, but at the moment I feel like Christmas is MONTHS away.

I’ve resorted to buying a Christmas CD and have been playing it in the car morning, noon & night (much to Stroppy 1’s disgust), but not even Bing Crosby is helping.

I think I may have to unwrap a onesie, crack open the mulled wine and sit watching It’s a Wonderful Life with half a dozen Heston mince pies and a large dollop of cream. Y.U.M.

Christmas Eve at Kilworth House

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