My dog’s a scaredy cat…. :(

We have had our dog for about 18 months. She is gorgeous – not too big that I can’t control her but not too small that I won’t notice her and will sit down & squish her.

Lately she taken to barking like mad at the Postman, or anyone else who knocks on the door. I’ve been telling friends proudly about my little guard dog, and I’m sure the postie thinks I have a rottweiler in here 😉

So when we were going away and leaving Stroppy 1 & Stroppy 2 behind to look after the dog (while my parents looked after them!), we decided to get a doggy door. It seemed to make sense as the kids were at college/6th form/work at varying times, and although relatives said they would check the dog we thought the doggy door would save any cross-legged doggy issues.

It arrived and once popped into the door, we showed the dog. Who ran away. When we finally got her out from under Stroppy 2’s bed, we all tried with different techniques to get her to use the door. No such luck. The door has been in-situ for around 6 weeks now and I think she’s been through it 3 times – I might be doing her a disservice. It could be 4.

She absolutely HATES it. Especially now the wind has started blowing. Normally, she is curled up beside me as I work, but as it’s a windy day today, every time the wind rattles the doggy door she shoots upstairs like a rocket! This is the same dog who barks at fireworks and laughs in the face of leaflet distributors.

She’s upstairs as I type. So my lovely doggy is now officially a scaredy cat….