Sod the diet!

Having recently came back from a beautiful and hot holiday, arriving back in a cold and damp London was a shock to the system. So despite the fact that it’s actually been quite mild for the last few days, I’ve been wrapped up like an Eskimo in a snowstorm.

Whats this got to do with the diet I hear you ask. Well, I had been quite good before the holiday and wanted to carry that on when we got home but because I’ve felt so blooming cold, all I want to do is eat! I’ve been making stews, great big cottage pies & delicious thick soups. I’ve bought chocolate, cakes, doughnuts, cookies – you name it, it’s in the house.

I can’t seem to stop grazing. Which is bad in one respect, as I’m now beginning to resemble a weeble again, but good because I feel surprisingly guilt free about it. For someone who as always had issues with food = guilt, this is a revelation! However on realizing this, I also remembered that I have an appointment with the dietician in January – EEK!

So I started to panic? What should I do? Start worrying about food, portion sizes & the imminent appointment again, or continue with the way of thinking that I’ve had recently which is mainly that if you feel good, you LOOK good. Shine with confidence and that’s what people see.

My decision was easier than I thought. Which is why I have bread with my lunch today šŸ˜‰