Happy Friday!

It’s been a busy day here today. So far I’ve…

1) Done the school run with Stroppy 3
2) Dropped Stroppy 2 off at his job
3) Picked up my lovely but VERY old aunt and took her to hospital for an appointment
4) Came home and made lunch
5) Took Lovely Man for his hospital appointment
6) Popped to the garage to order a new car
7) Picked up Stroppy 3 from school
8) Made dinner
9) Worked throughout the day from my iPad while waiting for the various people above.

It’s only just gone 6pm.

People tell me I should say “No” more. I’m not sure….

I’m SURE I would feel guilty saying no to people. I’m SURE they would be annoyed if I refused to help with something.I’m SURE I would end up doing it anyway.

So what should I do? I do sometimes feel like as I’m going out, I’m meeting myself coming back.

It’s Christmas soon and it will be the same thing this year. All my presents are bought, wrapped and labelled. But one of my relatives will call and say “I need some presents for this person and that person”, and I will end up running round the shops at the last minute looking for presents that I don’t need!

I’ve decided. I WILL say no more. At least I’ll try…..