Rainy Days & Mondays….

Today is wet here. London looks grey and miserable, which is such a shame. We had planned to go into central London and visit the Disney pop up shop in Harrods.

Stroppy 3 has asked for a pair of ‘high heels’. Now, I’m all for children choosing their own outfits. But she’s SEVEN. So high heels are a no-no in my book. However this pop up shop has the most beautiful little shoes – all silver sparkles and the tiniest of heels. Almost like a tap shoe. So I’ve relented and agreed that she can have a pair for parties.

They start at £24.95, which is very reasonable….

Anyway, with the rain falling non stop, the trip to London was out of the window. So we made some salt dough decorations for the Christmas tree instead. I know – a bit ‘earth mother’, but I had seen a fab Santa made of a hand print, so we’ve done a few different bits and they are drying before we paint them.

Homeworks done, Stroppy 3 is sound asleep, Stroppy 1 has just came in worse for wear (unfortunately), and Stroppy 2 is ready for college tomorrow. So all is good with the world. Except for Stroppy 1 being worse for wear……but at nearly 18 I’m trying to remember that she’s almost an adult. It’s hard to let go though. So I’ve given her a bowl and am going to check on her on my way to bed. No matter how old they get, they are always your babies…