Competitions. Have they changed?

As a fairly avid comper I have had some good wins, including several holiday (Disneyland Paris, Munich, Paris, Brazil etc.), but lately I’m having a dry spell.

The thing is, I’m not really sure why. I enter the competitions in the same way I used to, and enter as many as I did before. The ONLY thing that has changed is the way radio stations expect you to enter their comps. It used to be a ‘fastest to dial wins’ type entry system, and I have to say I did quite well with this method, winning a beat the bong, tickets to a celeb party and some holidays. Now however, you ‘text to win’. This means that you are chosen at random by a computer.

Bugger 😦 I have a very unusual name and always had an inkling that it helped with being chosen, purely because it wasn’t Sarah Smith, or Helen Brown. But now I’m just a number along with thousands of other numbers so the chance of being chosen now maybe more remote than it used to be.

I will still enter and keep my fingers crossed though! 😉