Facebook ‘friends’

I’ve been wondering lately why people have so many friends on Facebook. They can’t really have 1894 friends. Can they?

I have around 100 friends on my page. If I really truly only had friends on there, I would be down to about 5 people.

Which got me thinking. What really makes someone your friend? And does that change with age. As I looked at my friends ‘friends’ lists, it seemed that the younger they were, the more friends they had. Stroppy 2 must have the entire college list on his, and he can’t know them all.

The older people get, it seems they either get more selective of their friends, or they just realise what a true friend really is. Which in my book is someone you can call at 2am even if you haven’t seen them for weeks, and they’ll still come to your aid. It’s someone you can tell all your problems to without them ‘sharing’ them. It’s someone who will tell you if your outfit is awful.  It’s someone you can have round for coffee without tidying first.

So as I said before, I have about 5 of those. And I’m very grateful for each and every one of them.