Why can’t children skip the teenage years?

I can’t believe they turn from lovely little boys and girls into lazy, disrespectful horrors 😦
Now, I’m not saying they are ALWAYS like this, just maybe 90% of the time…..

Take Stroppy 2. He’s a good kid who goes to college and is on time (mostly), does his coursework etc. But he’s SO lazy. It’s almost like he doesn’t want to work. I always thought I had instilled a good work ethic in the children. Stroppy 1 has 6th form. 2 jobs & also volunteers regularly. So why can’t he do the same?

I’ve been thinking about it and have came to the conclusion that its a boy thing. He is so laid back he’s practically horizontal. Am I doing boys a disservice, or are they all lazy?

Stroppy 1 isn’t perfect, despite all her jobs. Her room is invariably a tip, and she won’t even attempt to tidy it unless I moan at her for a week.

What worries me is that all this behaviour is rubbing off on Stroppy 3. I asked her to hang her school blouses up the other day, only to find them thrown in the bottom of the wardrobe in a ball (one of her sisters tricks). She was given short shrift and made to hang them properly, so hopefully I’ve caught this one early enough!

I’ve now told them that their pocket money (yes, I still give them pocket money…) will be divided into days and they will lose the pocket money for each day that their rooms aren’t tidy or their chores aren’t done.
We’ll see how it goes. At the moment the rooms are fairly tidy, although I have had to give them a nudge to get them done.

I have to admit that I’ve always dreaded ’empty nest syndrome’. Now I can’t wait……