Poorly children :(

Stroppy 1 is poorly. She’s been poorly for about a week, but has still been going to 6th Form, her job & volunteering.

Finally on Tuesday she conceded defeat and stayed off of school. I dosed her up with cough and cold medicines and let her sleep.

She felt a little better yesterday, but stayed off to make a full recovery so was pottering around the house not really doing much. I mentioned her room. “Why not use this time to give it a good clean?”. I received a grunt as a reply, but it did look a little tidier when I went upstairs later.

Anyway, this morning she got up to go to school. Off she went, only for me to get a call around 20 minutes later. “Can it bring my PE kit into town when it comes, because I’ve forgotten it” The ‘it’ she talks about being Stroppy 2. They get on so well…….. 😉

So I opened her wardrobe to get her kit – and everything fell out. As I was on the phone to her at the time I told her what I thought of her tidying skills!

After I’d finally found what sort of resembled a PE kit, off Stroppy 2 went to meet her then go to college. I came back downstairs to start work, went into the kitchen and found the sink full and the bins overflowing. Not only were the bedrooms a tip, but they hadn’t done their bleeding chores!

So the aarrrrgh! from the last post continues – and this is the first day that their pocket money is being deducted for not doing their chores.

They aren’t happy. Bloody good job, because neither am I!