A trip to Harrods

I decided to brave the London crowds today in an effort to finally get Stroppy 3 her ‘Cinderella shoes’ (Rainy days & Mondays post).

It was a really easy trip to be honest. One tube virtually door to door with a very happy 7 year old who walked into the store with her chin scraping the floor as she took in the beautiful lights and ‘snowing’ Chanel windows.

She was even more amazed when we walked into the Disney pop-up shop on the 4th floor. It was like a mini Disney world – all pink, Princesses and dainty slippers on velvet cushions with ladies in waiting to help you choose the perfect pair for you.

Sadly they had completely sold out of her size 😉 so I’ve told her to pop an extra note to Santa just mentioning that she would really like them. With any luck they’ll appear under the tree Christmas morning.

We had lunch in the Disney cafe on the same floor. Pricey, but worth it. They gave her a pair of Minnie Mouse ears when we left, which were an unexpected surprise and made up for her ‘not’ getting the shoes.

Pet Kingdom was our next stop and while I would have loved to pay 4 figures for a dog bed, funds didn’t permit. I was sorely tempted by the pet poodles as well, but they were £2,800 each. Dogs Trust here we come. Again.

After being conned on they way down to the exit (Toy Kingdom, 3rd floor) and having a mooch around the food hall we emerged back into the sunny but very cold London streets with a pretend hamster in a plastic ball, some shoes for my ‘niece’ and almost £100 less in my purse.

Still, it was a lovely trip out. It’s not like I go into town often. In fact, I’m only doing it three more times – this week……