The pitfalls of social media

On Saturday I curled up with a glass of prosecco, some choccies and the standard TV programmes of the moment – Strictly Come Dancing & X Factor.

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying Strictly at the moment. There are some great dancers on this years show, and I’m really looking forward to the finals. X Factor (apart from Gary), hasn’t been great this year. Maybe the standard of singers is just too good now to make it ‘fun’ telly. The Stroppy ones like it though, so it’s a programme of choice in this house at the moment.

Anyway, Sunday night was a different matter. As I had spent the weekend away, I was driving home from 7.45 ish for just over 2 hours. This meant I would miss the shows but I reasoned that I could watch them today while working. Yeah, right.

All the way home my phone was beeping with little Facebook or Twitter updates. “Nooooooo!”, “Not him!”, “Bugger!!!”, etc., flashed up on my screen time and time again. So I was driving home thinking ‘Who? Which show????’
Sadly, by the time I arrived home I knew exactly who had been voted out of Strictly (poor Nicky 😦 ) and that James had won The X Factor ( poor Jahmene…)

I think I will need to turn my updates off when I really want to watch a show on catch-up in the future. Either that or give in and not get too stressed about the way I find out.