Mince Pies :)

LOVE mince pies. I really do mean that I love them. ‘Like’ is not a strong enough word for my relationship with mince pies.

I’ve found an extra think double cream flavoured with Calvados brandy. This goes perfectly with a warm mince pie. Sigh….

I’ve tried not buying them, then pop out for a coffee and have one as a snack. I visit my parents or the out-laws and am served one (or two!!!) with a cup of tea. And I can’t resist.

I look at myself on the mirror each day and see ‘carb face’. I have more chins than a Chinese phone book over Christmas, and that’s all down to mince pies and cream. And perhaps the lovely Irish cream liqueur that is bought so much around this time of year.

It’s especially nice when served mince pie and cream….