The decorations are finally up!

The decorations are finally up. They were in the loft, so I had to wait for them to be brought down for me. I’ve been asking for the last two weeks and I got them (at last!) on Monday.

The tree decorating goes like this. The tree is put up, the children fight over who’s putting what decoration where, lovely man spends an hour unwrapping lights, only for us to wrap them around the tree, and then the children go to bed and I rearrange the decorations to be equal and neat. 😉

I don’t like lots of decorations. I think it makes the house tacky – tinsel is the worst culprit. I hate it. I find it a nasty looking thing – all scratchy material and scratchy noise.

I also have to make sure my decorations match. This year we’ve gone for white and silver, with a touch of deep red. It looks pretty against the deep green tree. The only other things I allow are some tea light holders, a door wreath, erm, that’s about it.

Should I do more for the kids? Should it be more ‘Christmassy’ so that Stroppy 3 enjoys it more? I’m not sure. She loves the lights in the shopping centres so I’m sure that’s enough for her. The house doesn’t have to look like a grotto to be Christmassy. Does it?

The thing I’m worried about now is the dog. Last year she was crated when we went out. Now she has the run of the house and I get stressed when I go out, as I think she’s going to sniff out the chocolates and I’ll come home to a room full of shredded presents. I hope she doesn’t. I would hate to have to throw her out into the cold and lonely streets…… 😉