Is Santa real Mummy?

Have you had the conversation yet? The one that starts ‘Mummy, some children at school have said that there’s no Santa’…..

Well, I have had this with Stroppy 1 & Stroppy 2 as they’re much older. It didn’t happen with them until they were just going up to secondary school, so it was a fairly easy conversation.

Stroppy 3 however, is 7. Uh oh. What do I say???

We were in the car when she mentioned it, so I distracted her with something we were driving past (to give me time to think!). By the time we got home, I had thought of a pretty good story and when she mentioned it again, I was ready 🙂

I sat her down and said “Honey, the children who say that there’s no Santa are on the naughty list. That’s why their Mummy & Daddy have to tell them that Santa’s not real. If you keep being good then Santa will keep coming”

She bought it! Phew……