Stroppy 3’s sleepover

I’m going out for lunch with friends tomorrow, so I asked my Mum if she could have Stroppy 3 for a few hours.
She loves having her. They bake cakes and make chocolate decorations for them. Stroppy 3 comes home with a pile of goodies for us to eat.

So, when I told her that she was going to Nanny’s for a few hours, I was surprised when she said “Ohhhhhh”.
I wondered why she wasn’t happy – then she said “Why can’t I have a sleepover at Nannies?”

Now, my mum & dad love having her. She’s 7. She’s fun. She keeps them young. (and knackered!) But a sleepover causes some problems. Not huge, insurmountable problems, but problems none the less.
You see, my brother still lives at home. And they have downsized to a 2 bedroom house (I think so I can’t ever go back!!!)

So the problem is space. Stroppy 3 staying over means this happens….

She sleeps with my Mum. My Dad is kicked out of his own bed and sleeps in my brothers bed. My poor brother ends up on the couch. With the dog. 😦

I told her to call Nanny and ask, and the answer was “Of course you can honey!” my poor Dad & brother…..

She knew she was going today, so packed a case yesterday. All the usual things are in it, along with the more unusual things, such as her dolly and a few changes of clothes for said dolly, some books, some DVDs, cough medicine etc.,
She’s staying for ONE night! With the stuff she’s taken, you’d think she was staying for a fortnight….