Bloody delivery drivers!!!

Delivery drivers and Christmas don’t mix.

To be honest I wasn’t even waiting for a last minute Christmas present. Nope, they’ve all been sorted for AGES. 🙂
I was waiting for a new pair of trousers that Stroppy 2 needed for college.

I ordered on Tuesday expecting them to arrive on Wednesday. After all, the adverts scream “Buy before 9pm and we’ll deliver the next day!”.

No they won’t.

I waited in all day Wednesday (We deliver until 7pm! :)). Nothing.
I called them on Thursday morning and the lady told me not to wait in because they would card me and attempt to re-deliver another day. Er, duh. I NEED them. I can’t afford to miss the delivery. So I waited in all day. Again. Nothing.
I called this ‘fantastic’ company last night at around 8pm to ask why the order still hadn’t arrived. They don’t know. They are very sorry. They will chase it up with the courier.

So my plans for today? Well, they were to drop off the last Xmas cards and gifts, then do the food shopping in order to avoid the rush over the weekend. Now? I’m waiting in all day for the delivery that should have been here on Wednesday……