Dressing up the dog.

I love our little dog. I was hesitant about getting one, but when a Dogs Trust opened near us we started going quite regularly and looking at the dogs, having a coffee in their cafe and sometimes working from there while sitting in the sunshine.

When the children came with me they would always ask if we could have a dog. For a long time I told them it wasn’t practical for us. We enjoy our holidays, and having a dog would hinder that. So for around 18 months we visited and looked, but didn’t consider rehoming one.

That was until we saw Poppy. She wasn’t in one of the usual kennels. She was a tiny little thing curled up behind the reception desk. Stroppy 3 fell in love with her in an instant. Lovely man enquired as to why she wasn’t in the main kennel section. Apparently she had previously been re homed by an elderly lady, but the lady had a reaction to her fur and had to return her. The staff were keeping her near them for comfort, as she had already been dumped there twice, so was naturally very nervous.

We went to the coffee shop and discussed the pros and cons of being a dog owner. We tried to do this sensibly, while Stroppy 3 was begging us to adopt her. In the end we decided that it was perhaps a good time to get a pet and popped back to make an official request to adopt Poppy. Or Spam as she was known then….(don’t ask).

The receptionist said that we needed to complete some forms, have a home visit, bring everyone down to meet her, take an owners course, etc., etc. I’m not complaining about how long this process takes, but when you can answer an ad on the Internet and go along to the breeder, leaving with your choice of puppy, it seems a bit thorough….It keeps the dogs safe though.

They also insist you return the dog on a specified date to have them spayed. This is something I didn’t agree with, as its putting the animals through an unnecessary operation. I understand the thought process behind it, because they really do have to cope with an awful lot of abandoned dogs, but whether your dog has puppies or not should be the owners choice. The Dogs Trust give up that right when they accept money for the dog.

Anyway, we’ve had her around 18 months now. I almost returned her as she is much more of a kangaroo than a dog! 😉 She’s a really happy, bouncy dog. Especially when we have visitors. She runs around like a lunatic when they arrive, jumps all over them when they sit down, and generally tries to lick the life out of them.
Training goes out of the window when she sees guests. Her brain switches from ‘listen to mummy’, to ‘play! play! play!’. She settles down after a while, but still watches them intently and if they look like they might be up for a walk she’s up again, bounding around making a nuisance of herself.

She’s short haired, and because its quite cold out I bought her a few jumpers and coats to keep the chill out while she’s on a walk. They refuse to take her out if she’s wearing them. The Stroppy ones say its embarrassing. Lovely man says its embarrassing. I don’t think so – I think it’s an excuse. It’s not as if I’ve bought her pink blingy ‘TOWIE’ type coats. They are a nice wine colour with a soft grey lining, and a red and cream one. Among others, but you get the drift. No sparkles. Just a little coat so she doesn’t catch a cold.

Lovely man says she has a coat and doesn’t need another one. But it’s only a thin coat I argue. Like wearing a shower jacket in a blizzard.
He says I’m being silly and I’m worrying too much. Maybe I am……but she’s only little 😉