So that’s it for another year…

How was yours?

Mine was considerably relaxed! I had my family over for Christmas breakfast, which was brilliant as they got to see the present opening and also meant that I didn’t have to cook dinner for hundreds of people. 😉

We had been up from VERY early because Stroppy 3 wanted to open all her presents from Santa. At 6am….
Anyway, this meant that all the preparation for the Christmas dinner was done before 10. When my family went we made up the presents that they had brought, made a Buck’s Fizz or three, and settled down to watch some cheesy films. It was bliss. We had around 2 hours of complete relaxation in the middle of the day, popped the dinner in the oven at around 2pm and the next visitors arrived just in time to sit down.

Lovely mans family are lovely (as you’d expect), but they aren’t very ‘Christmassy’. In fact, I think they would be happier settled down at home for the day with a TV dinner, but they come round to see the children on Christmas Day, have lunch with us and then go home for an evening at home.

Lovely man LOVES Doctor Who. To be fair, we all do, and the BBC TV line up this Christmas Day was cracking. He had murmured to me earlier in the day “I hope they’re gone for the start of Doctor Who…”. It made me smile 🙂 They weren’t, but I recorded it so we still got our evening viewing, albeit in a slightly different order than we’d originally planned. I was so tired I fell asleep while Call the Midwife was on and had to watch it very early Boxing Day morning all on my own with a blackcurrant Lemsip. Bliss 🙂

Boxing Day was nice. I popped to see my great aunt and wanted to take her a newspaper, so headed for M&S nervously because of all the pushing and shoving I was going to go through just to get her 20 odd pages of bad news. I have to admit to being speechless. It was empty. No hoards of people fighting over a reduced diary or Christmas cards for next year. Nope, nothing. There were a few others milling around, but it felt like it was just me and the staff. I got the paper and went. Apparently Boxing Day takings were up 31% on last year. It must have been bloody quiet. The rest of the day was made up of staying at home, watching more films, playing with Stroppy 3 and eating chocolates.

By the time yesterday came, I was feeling a tad fed up. I wanted fresh air, no more films and definitely no more heavy meals. I picked Stroppy 1 & 2 up as they’d been away for Christmas and then the joy started again! They had presents to open which Stroppy 3 excitedly helped me get from under the tree. We hid their main gifts until they thought they had finished their piles. While they were taking the pressies upstairs we popped them under the previously empty tree. No matter how old they get, when they receive the gift they’ve asked for, the look of excitement on their faces is exactly the same as it was when they were 2 or 3 and just beginning to experience the wonder of Christmas.

I’ll let you into a little secret. We’re going away today and when we get there the tree will be surrounded by presents from Santa. They don’t have the first idea.

So it’s not quite over for us yet. The magic will begin again later today 🙂