The new baby in the house.

We have a new baby in the house. She’s called Annabel and has a wardrobe any baby would envy. She’s also plastic. 

Stroppy 3 got her from Father Christmas and since she’s arrived the world revolved around her. Stroppy 3 has had a particularly beautiful pram for a while, but the dolly she had didn’t quite match it. So Annabel arrived. She has lots of different clothes and hand knitted outfits courtesy of Nanny. (Coincidentally they match the pram 😉 )

Annabel goes everywhere with us. I need to do some food shopping later and will be walking round Waitrose with the doll in the baby seat on the trolley. Sigh… I’ve tried explaining to Stroppy 3 that it will look a little unusual, but she’s adamant. The doll is coming with us. The pram is much too big to take to a shop so that isn’t an option, so the baby seat it is. 

I do hope a little old lady doesn’t coo over her. They do that a lot when we are out with the pretty pram, but they know its a doll because its a dolls pram. When we’re in a supermarket they think its a real baby, and when they realise its a doll they automatically think I’m a loon.

Maybe they’re not too far from the truth…..