Visiting London :)

love popping into town for the day. I love the hustle & bustle of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Covent Garden etc.

It’s only one tube straight there. No swapping trains or worse still, driving up and trying to find a parking space.

Lovely man never comes. He is the complete opposite to me. He hates the crowds, booking tables, watching the street performers, eating cupcakes while watching the world go by. In fact, I’m not sure anything could entice him into Central London.

Stroppy 3 is like me. She loves it and when we go up I make sure it’s a real treat. We spend lots of time in Hamleys. It is a magical toy shop, from the staff demonstrating all the toys, to the staircase with a the Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe mural that goes from the bottom of the store all the way to the top. I let her choose a toy each time we go. Last time she chose a pink walking poodle with a ‘diamond’ collar. Now she has some Sylvanian families, I’m sure next time we’ll be coming home with a dining room set and a few beds for her hotel. 🙂

It’s an absolute must to visit Choccywoccydoodah for a chocolate lunch while we’re there. It is a truly magical shop with the most incredible cakes and chocolates intermingled with kitsch and vintage items, velvet chaise lounge, mirrors, bird cages and so much more that you find something new each time you visit. Ground floor is the shop and a metal staircase takes you to the first floor and the coffee shop. Think plate sized cookies drizzled with chocolate, huge chunks of cake served with cream, ice cream & more chocolate, a dipping platter that can’t be matched by anyone else and you get the idea.


Once up those stairs, all sense of time seems to go. I no longer think ‘we have to catch the train before the rush hour’ – nope, time stands still and it’s like we’ve been dropped into the middle of Alice in Wonderland!

The gilt edged thrones are Stroppy 3’s favourite. If there is a window seat free she rushes to it so that we can people watch while eating cake. It’s one of our favourite past-times. While time has stopped for us, others outside are still rushing backwards and forwards to different shops or to grab lunch before heading back to the office.

The one thing we haven’t managed to do yet is get to the second floor. The second floor Choccywoccyboudior is incredible – all AstroTurf, metal arches, fake birds and sheep. It’s kitsch personified and is hired out for parties etc. I’m tempted to book it for Stroppy 1’s 18th. You get the use of the Choccywoccyboudior for 2 whole hours, with all the chocolate, cake & drink you can possibly need. It’s definitely made it to my bucket list. I’m hoping it’s something I’ll experience sooner rather than later 😉

Once we manage to drag ourselves away from the choccies we wander through Libertys. It’s a beautiful shop and leads out to Carnaby Street – another favourite place. If chocolate isn’t your thing there is a lovely little tea shop called Camellias Tea House. I thoroughly recommend you try their teas.

After a long day of shopping and people watching we jump on the tube and head home, with happy memories, chocolate – and a Hamleys bag. 🙂