I’m currently writing this while watching ‘Storage Hoarders’, a fairly new show on lunchtime TV. Basically, it’s about idiots who spend thousands renting storage units in order to keep what is essentially tat.

I’m watching with interest though, as there are a couple of hoarders in my family and I’m fully aware that it will be me who has to sort out their ‘collection'(s!).

In my heart I’ve been thinking that when the time comes, I will just contact an auction house who will come in, value everything and pop it into auction. Simple as that.

In my head however, I think it’s going to be a case of hiring a skip and throwing the majority into it. I’m not saying that all their things are rubbish – on the contrary, some of the things they have are lovely. But I would guess that around 5 – 10% of it is worth anything. The rest is definitely tat.

The problem I’m going to have is quantity. There is an awful lot of it. We’re not talking a couple of cabinets of items. No. We’re talking a house full of stuff. And a loft, several sheds, a few garages. The list goes on……

I have gently mentioned maybe getting some of it valued, but it has fallen on deaf ears as they are very private and don’t like people poking round their house. It also doesn’t help as they aren’t my direct family, which makes it slightly more difficult for me to broach it with them.

So I’m currently keeping quiet and silently sigh each time I visit and am shown yet more ‘valuables’ they’ve found in charity shops. 😦