Life envy?

There are some people on my social media pages that although I don’t see them often, I like to see what they’re up to.

It’s not that I’m nosey (perish the thought!), but I’m intrigued to see how other people think about their day to day activities, their children, work etc…… OK, I’m nosey. ūüėČ

I find it amazing that some people put¬†everything¬†online. ‘sitting watching Corrie with a cuppa’, ‘right, off to work I go!’, ‘going shopping’. Honestly. We all do all these things on a daily basis, so why is it news???

Another thing that¬†really gets to me is the people who put posts on about their children a hundred times a day. Why? My children don’t do enough to post about them once a week, so how is it that other people children do¬†so¬†much?

Is it that I’m a bad mum? Sometimes I wonder……. Should I be amazed when my 7 year old chooses her own clothes? Amazed enough to post it on Facebook? Or when they say something funny, should I be popping that online? It seems like everyone else does, so maybe it’s me who’s the strange one.

I have a friend who posted 1000+ photos of the Christmas season. There were pictures of the tree, the wrapping process, the finished parcels, the note from Santa, the children unwrapping, the new Christmas outfits, the dinner, the washing up. You get the drift. I’m almost ashamed to say that I only¬†took maybe 20 pics over Christmas.

Another posted pictures of her living room¬†filled with gifts. For¬†one child. You really couldn’t see the floor for presents. It was almost ugly and I found it uncomfortable to look at. The said child is 2, and no 2 year old needs presents that fill a room.

Or is it me? Should I find this excess normal? Is¬†it normal? It seems that with the rise of social media, the competition that used to be restricted to mums at the school gates has spread to all aspects of their life, purely because it can. Everyone seems to be trying to compete with each other over¬†everything.¬†It’s ‘my house is nicer than yours’, ‘my children are cleverer than yours’, ‘my holidays are better than yours’, ‘my life is better than yours!’.

Is it really? Or is it just that you have more time to post constant updates about your life online? And to find posts about ‘share this if you have a son/daughter¬†you adore’. Don’t we all love our children? If we do, why do some people feel the need to post these images?

I’ve came to the conclusion that its to do with self worth. If you feel comfortable with who you are then you surely wouldn’t feel the need to justify your life and your actions online. You wouldn’t need to post a ‘sad face’ in order to get attention – you would be content with the attention you get in real life……