I know it’s cold, but I don’t have time to catch one :(

I hate being ill. I know I’m disabled, but that’s pain. I class ‘ill’ as miserable, cotton wool headed, sneezing, coughing, needing to rest in the day etc.

I can’t remember the last time I was off sick. I have the perfect job in that respect. Variable hours and home working make it so much easier to manage my pain without taking sick days.

Yesterday, as some of you in good old blighty may know, it snowed. It was fine when we woke – much to Stroppy 1,2 & 3’s disgust. I wrapped up and dropped Stroppy 3 at school, popped into town for some supplies (something I’m very grateful for today as we are currently defrosting the loaf), and by the time I got home we had about 2mm.

So I shouted at Stroppy 1 & 2 that they had better move their backsides or they wouldn’t get to their Dads, who lives 2 buses, a coach ride and a half hour walk away thanks to his now ex 2nd wife. (A story for another day)…..

When they were ready to leave I felt terrible that they had that journey in the snow, so dropped them at the coach station and gave them the money to get a cab the other end, as their loving father had refused. On the way home I popped into my parents for a coffee, then went straight to Stroppy 3’s school to collect her as they’d called to say they were closing.

When I got to the school I was waiting patiently in ever worsening snow for 5 minutes, then impatiently for the next 15 as she couldn’t find her bag. Sigh.

We got home and other than me popping out for essentials (chocolate 😉 ), I haven’t been out since. I went to bed early as I was feeling unusually tired and have woken up with all the symptoms of ill as listed above. I blame it on all the comings and goings of yesterday. I guess that’s the problem with central heating.

So I’m sitting here feeling pretty snotty and horrible rather than visiting relatives and making dinner.

And of course feeling sorry for myself 😦 I do hope it’s gone by tomorrow. Rather large toddy before bed tonight I think….