I’ve got a golden ticket…..Yippee!!!

I’m so excited and I can’t tell anybody why!!!

OK, I’ll tell you, but you mustn’t tell anyone because its a secret 😉

Its Stroppy 3’s birthday soon, and I’ve been looking at theatre tickets to the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory show that opens in May.

I’ve been umming and ahhing about it since October, which is when I found out about the show. I wanted good tickets so we didn’t have to use binoculars to see the stage, but they were around £70 a ticket, which is the reason I’ve been putting off the purchase.

Anyway, yesterday I was busy tweeting when up popped a tweet from Matt Cardle, who said he was doing a kissing session for the charity giving lots.

I went onto the site and was clicking through several pages when I came across Lot 54. The daddy of all lots in my world!

Top price tickets for 4, goodie bags, sweets, ice cream, drinks at the interval and a special hardback book about the show. Not only that, but also a meal beforehand at Planet Hollywood! OMG!!! and the price? A mere £40 had been bid when I first looked. I was almost hyperventilating by the time I showed lovely man.

So I watched and watched it (even through an 11am meeting), as it finished at 12 today. It felt like fate. At 11.30 I placed my maximum bid and held my breath, refreshing the page every half a second or so. Can you believe I won??? well I did, and at £20 cheaper than my maximum bid! The whole lot for less than two tickets would have cost me. I’m so happy I could jump for joy – except its a surprise so I can’t.

I also got an Escada handbag for the bargain price of £20.

seriously good days shopping

I really hope she loves her theatre trip. I know I will – I’ll take my new handbag with me to pop the goodies into 😉