Spanx….the Good Lords Lipo ;)

I’ve finally invested in some Spanx. Not the ‘large knicker’ kind that holds in a slight muffin top.


My Spanx start at the knees, and come right up to the neckWell, almost 😉

They are meant to ‘redistribute’ the excess flesh and hide it somewhere magical. I bloody hope so! Either that or my ankles will be 4 times bigger. As will my head…..

The thing I am really wondering about though, is the general attractiveness of it. It’s not a worry to me, as lovey man has a thing for the Hattie Jacques type. I’m sure this type of undergarment will only serve to make me a look-e-likee…..but for poor young girls who are single and putting these things on under their little black dresses in order to attract a suitor, I have a warning. These things take two people to get them on. Christ knows how you’ll manage to get them off and manage to keep your allure…