Stroppy 1 has moved out….. :(

So, this was meant to be a happier post. However since last putting finger to iPad, Stroppy 1 has moved to my Mums. Temporarily, but it feels weird.

Last Friday she wouldn’t get up for 6th form (as usual), her room was a tip (as usual), and she was Stroppy (goes without saying…)

Anyway, we had an argument where I again explained the rules of the house. They aren’t rocket science…..


1) Be polite to each other

2) Keep your room tidy (ish)

3) Do your chores (preferably without me constantly asking!)

4) Wash regularly (again, without me constantly having to ask)

5) Keep up to date with school/college work


See? Not that hard are they? Well apparently they are. So I told her if it was that awful living here then to stay at her bloody fathers. Then she said she wouldn’t go and live with him but I’d never see her again, and promptly walked out. I could have cried.

I didn’t know what to do – I called lovely man and poured it out all out to him. Poor thing. He said it was best to let her calm down, so rather than call her and continue arguing, I sent her a text explaining how much I love her and how it hurts so much to see her throwing her education away.

She simply sent a text back saying I would never see her again. I knew I would. She’d left her iPod on her bed by mistake 😉 But it still hurt.

A little later on I had a call from my brother to say she had phoned my mum (luckily she had missed it), but of course eventually Mum got to hear about it and called me ranting and raving. Don’t you just love it when you get motherly support??? She said she could stay with her. I had a house full of workmen so couldn’t hear a bloody thing and told her I’d call her later. She was still going on as I hung up. Sigh.. 😦

I left it over the weekend as I felt it was the best thing to do, then on Sunday sent Stroppy 1 a text asking if she was coming back. She said that Nan had said she could go there, so she would. I figured that at least I would know she was safe and well at my Mums, so flipped it a little and called my Mum to thank her profusely.

She was thrilled that I was allowing her to interfere, sorry I mean help 😉  Its not often that my Mum keeps her opinion to herself, and she doesn’t have a filter, so sometimes we can clash over how I bring up the children.

So Stroppy 1 has been on my Mum & Dads sofa for 2 nights. Stroppy 2 is thrilled. I haven’t told Stroppy 3 yet. She knows her sister is staying at Nannies and is very jealous. I’ve explained that she’s staying there as its closer to school, which seems to have been accepted for now. I’m hoping it only lasts a few days. I could certainly only live with my mum for a few days! 😉

She came over last night to collect some clothes and have a chat. She collected the clothes but wasn’t interested in talking things through. I asked her if she would rather stay than go back to my mums sofa. She said no, so I left it. It wasn’t worth another argument. She safe, warm and being looked after. And almost 18……