Workmen, an update on work, more news on Stroppy 1 and a VERY long title….


So, I’ve had workmen in for a few days.

The first lot were taking out the lift that I need to get upstairs. Basically because it didn’t work, and hadn’t for months. Maybe I should fly upstairs to bed…..

Anyway, they were a nightmare. They brought radios and turned them up full blast, one on some Kerrang type station upstairs and the other with 50’s music blaring out. Then they set up a circular saw in the drive and left the front door open all day. One of them went in the loo and I swear we had to open the windows in the living room to get rid of the stench! The best thing is that there are two doors between the toilet and the living room……dirty bugger.

The two men that arrived today were much better. They were here to replace said lift. The older of the two was polite and really liked a cuppa or ten. The younger one was mute. Well, I say mute – he didn’t answer me if I addressed a question to him, so I’m guessing here. He may be mute. He may just have that wonderful selective hearing that today’s yoof are blessed with.

I had to meet my ex boss at lunchtime, so arranged for lovely man to be here to supervise. I arrived home after picking up Stroppy 3 to a new lift and 40 minutes tutorial on how to push an ‘up’ button. Oh joy….

The ex boss……

I was a little apprehensive about meeting my ex boss. I needn’t have been. It was as relaxed as normal and I got an apology. 🙂 I’m glad we haven’t parted on bad terms.

Stroppy 1……

Stroppy 1 is still at my parents house. She says she isn’t coming back until I stop bullying her. I’ve said I’m not bullying, I’m parenting. So it’s still a stalemate. She’ll come round. I got a letter from her school to say she’s been selected as one of their gifted and talented pupils, so called to tell her but she already knew. I told her how proud I was of her and received a grunt down the phone. We’re communicating – yay!!! 😉