Happy Valentines Day! :)

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

While writing I’m sitting watching the soaps with a big heart shaped box of chocs and an even bigger glass of white Grenache. Y.U.M. 🙂

I also got a dozen red roses. And a new car. Yes, you read right. I picked my new car up today and got a big bouquet from the dealer to boot. It’s been a GOOD day 🙂

Have you had a good day? I hope you have. I hope you’re settled down with all the kids in bed and some time to yourself.

I wonder how the single people feel on Valentines Day. I was single for a few years and found it a little uncomfortable when people showed me their cards and gifts and said how happy they were. ‘They can’t be that happy’ I would think to myself. But now it’s me with the cards and gifts and the wonderful man who treats me like a princess. And I’m very grateful every single day.

I have watched my loved up friends putting pictures of their table, the cards, flowers and chocs on Facebook. They put every detail of their lives on there, even down to the food they are eating tonight. Sometimes I sigh. Why do they do that? How do our single friends feel when they see all those pictures on there? One of my friends is a young widow with three children. She pines for her lost partner every day – today is terrible for her and I don’t have the words to try and help her. I can’t imagine the pain she goes through when she sees pictures of families together and children playing with their daddy, so pictures full of love and roses would be a thousand times worse.

So you won’t find pictures of my roses, card or chocolates on any social media platform. Nope, I’ve saved it all for you! 😉

As it’s been such a wonderful day, todays post isn’t a rant. It’s a thank you for all I am blessed with.