Monday, Monday…..

So, how’s your Monday been? Mine has been quite nice 🙂

I have taken Stroppy 2 & 3 to the coast for a few days to visit lovely man and generally have fun while its half term. As it’s probably my last month with a wage for a while, I’ve decided to spend a little of it treating them – not massively, but doing things as a family without me constantly checking my phone to see if any work has come in makes a nice change.

So last night we saw Wreck It Ralph. A great family film – we laughed out loud LOTS! Today was bowling day. We took them to a new bowling alley that’s recently opened. It’s a really nice place, fab for families with lovely restaurant.

Tomorrow, Stroppy 2 is taking the train home so he can have a sleepover with a friend. It means an hour and a half on a train to London, then a tube to our nearest town, then a bus home. He’s very relaxed about it. I’m stressing like MAD……

He may be almost 17, but he’s never been a ‘street’ boy. He has friends, but they don’t hang around streets making a nuisance of themselves. They use Skype or FaceTime during the week and then have sleepovers at each others houses at weekends, visit theme parks etc.

So that’s why I’m so nervous. I’m taking him to the train station and making sure he’s on the right train. He’s OK with that. If it was Stroppy 1, I wouldn’t be allowed within a mile of the station! He’ll be fine. He will text me when he’s on the train, text me when he gets to London, while on the tube and lots more in between. He’s growing up, but it doesn’t stop him being my baby…

Anyway, changing the subject before I well up – we have to go home on Wednesday as on Thursday I have a root canal at 10 and an appointment at the chronic pain clinic at 12. Oh joy of joys. 😦