Hilary Mantel – is she full of envy, or is she right?

It was an interesting read. Hilary Mantel, double Booker prize winner has launched an attack on the Duchess of Cambridge.

During said attack, she described the princess as a ‘shop window mannequin, with no personality of her own, entirely defined by what she wore’. This was followed by comments such as the princess being painfully thin and whose only point and purpose was to give birth.

I have to say I was surprised. Why on earth does this woman think she can use her status to launch a  sick attack on the future Queen? I found some of her comments uncomfortable to hear. No doubt this was intended to put her (and her new book), on the front pages – and it’s worked.

However, can you imagine being the Princess this morning and having to read these awful comments? The young woman is newly married and pregnant. She has already been hospitalised during the pregnancy and while she is undoubtedly shielded from some of the insane rambling’s about her, this one has gone viral and will be very hard to contain.

So, do any of us have the right to judge others? If I were to say that Ms Mantel is an overweight, ageing writer who needs to use vitriolic comments in order to get her book noticed, would this be awful? And if it would, what would make it more awful than what Ms Mantel has said?

Why not judge for yourself?  Hilary Mantels speech