I.B.S. – a crippling illness?

Lovely man hasn’t been well for a while and this has made his IBS flare up a little. Well, a LOT.

It’s flared up so much that a couple of weeks ago he couldn’t get out of bed (except to go to the loo!) Friday night was bad, so on Saturday he just had a few slices of plain toast and a bowl of cereal so that it would ease his symptoms (Suggested by his mum, who also suffers from it). Saturday night he was in agony. 😦

On the Sunday I was looking up symptoms and causes, when I came across a paragraph saying that wheat could be a trigger. OMG! He’d been making it worse with bread.

We discussed it and I called my mum (who’s a coeliac) to see if she had any advice. I also looked up breads online and found that the white bread was made up pretty much of crap. Additives and preservatives galore. I should have known really, but I never bought ‘cheap’ bread so I didn’t really think about it.

That very day I went out and bought a bread maker – even if lovely man hadn’t had IBS, I wasn’t prepared to have those things going into the kids any more. So we now wake up to freshly made bread each morning. The kids seem to like it – especially Stroppy 3, who loves it hot with butter. They haven’t even noticed its gluten free yet 😉

Lovely mans symptoms disappeared almost overnight. He says its like having a different tummy! For years he took sandwiches to work so his tummy wouldn’t rumble in meetings – only to realise now that the sandwiches were making it worse…..

We still have the odd thing with flour – our pastas not gluten free, nor are our pies but they don’t seem to affect him like the bread did. And it’s not like he eats with us everyday, so finds it much easier to manage. He has tried talking to his mum about trying a change in her diet, but she won’t accept that bread could be making it worse. We can only try…..

Such a simple thing has had a dramatic change to his life. And hopefully ours 🙂