Did I mention I’ve met Jesus?

It’s not something I tell everyone. I’m not an ‘I’ve found God!’ person. It’s just the truth – I’ve met Christ.

I was about 11 and was on holiday with my aunt at the original Disneyland (it’s weird how people never mention it now, but it’s still there quietly sitting in Anaheim). We were staying at the Holiday Inn just across the road. It was a lovely hotel, right on the beach. I wonder if it’s still there too…..

Anyway. I had broken my wrist just before we went and was in plaster to my elbow. The x-ray had shown that I had cracked the bone so I was less than impressed as not only was I going to see Mickey & Minnie, but the hotel had a pool. loved swimming but the doctors said I needed the cast to ensure the break healed.

We had done a few days of Disney and we took a day off just for my aunt to have a rest I think! 😉 She suggested we take a walk along the beach – I remember having to wear sandals because the sand was so hot. We had been walking for maybe 10 minutes, me slightly ahead of my aunt, when I became aware of a man walking towards us.

I immediately knew it was Him. Don’t ask me how – I was a kid, but I just knew. He looked like a lot of the paintings you see of Him. Long beard, cream sackcloth robes. And He was barefoot. That struck me the most. Even the most hardened locals were wearing sandals because of the heat, but not Him.

He walked up to me, took my broken arm in His hands, bowed His head and closed His eyes. He was praying. By this time my aunt had caught up with me and we were both struck by this mans…..presence. He finished praying, looked at me and smiled. Then walked away.

My aunt and I laughed and thought nothing more of it for the rest of the holiday. When we got home my Mum took me to the hospital for a check up on the break. They x-rayed my arm again and came back to give us the results. There was no break. They couldn’t quite believe it. They had the x-ray from when I had broken my wrist and it clearly showed the break. The new x-ray had nothing. Just a perfectly fine bone. They apologised and said they weren’t quite sure what had happened or how it had happened – but my break had disappeared.

Of course, I knew how it had happened.

I haven’t become a born again Christian. I don’t preach to people. I don’t even go to church regularly. But I believe.