Birthdays are a comin’….

It seems like most all of our family birthdays start occurring around now.

My aunt is in rude health and is 91 next week. What the bloody hell do you get a 91 year old??? She has to have had every present going over the years. And not only do I have to get her from me and lovely man, I also have to get her something from each of the kids. Sigh…

It’s not that I mind buying her gifts – quite the opposite. I just want to get her the right gifts. Not an M&S voucher (or any voucher for that matter). I hate giving vouchers. I think they are so impersonal and show just how little thought you’ve put into a gift.

I don’t mind receiving vouchers, although I do sometimes wonder why people would feel the need to get me vouchers when I drop so many hints about candles, wine, perfume, etc., for weeks before my birthday. 😉

After my aunts birthday, it’s my Dads. Another headache. I find men are the hardest people by far to buy for. When a man says he doesn’t want a present, he really means he doesn’t want a present. How mad is that? To actually say what you mean! You wouldn’t catch a woman doing that. 😉 My dad will say “If you must get me something, get me socks or underpants” Ewwww. How can I buy my Dad underpants? Especially with my Mum saying loudly “Make sure you get the ones with the hole in the front! He won’t wear the others.”

Shortly after his, it’s my brothers. He’s not quite so hard to buy for I suppose. I can buy him a new top or an unusual vodka. At Christmas I trekked up to London to grab him one that was only available in Selfridges, but it was worth it to see his face.

Then the real money birthdays start. I obviously celebrate my birthday a little too much. My birthday is in July. All three of my children were April babies….Stroppy 1 being born exactly 9 months to the day from my birthday. Oops… 😉

Stroppy 2’s is first. As he’ll be 17, he doesn’t want much. Just the latest iPhone and an annual pass for all the Merlin Theme Parks. Is that all??? He doesn’t want a party though – just a sleepover at the hotel that’s just been opened next to our nearest Merlin park. Did I mention I was made redundant? Maybe I forgot to mention it to the kids!

Then comes Stroppy 1’s. And it’s her 18th. She has a simple list. The latest iPhone (as previously mentioned on Stroppy 2’s list), a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka (thanks Dan Akroyd!) – and a party. At home. With drinking games and vodka jelly shots. Oh dear.

Finally, just before filing for bankruptcy, comes Stroppy 3’s. She will be 8 and has said she would like a cinema party complete with princess accessories. To be fair, this one has come at a relatively reasonable cost. I popped on to the Party Pieces website and managed to get princess carriage food and drink holders, pink treasure chest party boxes, glass slipper key rings – some beautiful things at a really good price. She hasn’t even mentioned a present – just the party. I’ve bought her a new everyday pram for her ‘baby’. She has her ‘proper’ pram, a coach built Silver Cross, but although it’s beautiful it’s not something you can shove into the back of the car for a trip to the shops. So a smaller, more practical Silver Cross was on my list and I think I got a nice one. I’ll have a peek in the box once I’ve finished chatting to you 🙂

All these birthdays take place between now and the end of April. I’ll keep you informed of developments, but have made a list of gifts already sorted and those still to get – more for myself than you! 😉

2 iPhones (white)
1 x bottle of Crystal Head Vodka
2 x onesies (Stroppy’s 2 & 3)
1 Silver Cross pram
1 in car DVD system (bloody forgot I’d bought that one!!)
1 Monster High headphones (ditto!)
1 Russian roulette shot game (oh dear….)

Pink party bags
Pink carriage food holders
Pink treasure chests to hold –
Glass slipper key rings
Pearl bracelets
Silver necklace with pearl matching the bracelet
Tiara hair combs
Edible diamonds and rubies
Gold and silver coins

Pink cupcake boxes
Pink punch balloons
Personalised cupcake toppers for Stroppy’s 1 & 3
Cupcakes ordered (thanks Mum 🙂 )

Still to get…..

Black party bags – yes, the 18 year olds will have bubbles in theirs
Black 18th party decorations
Bag fillers for 18th party
Food ordered for party
Drink for party. I think test tube shots were mentioned, along with the usual mix of vodka, alcopops, cider, lager etc., etc.
Stroppy 2’s annual pass
Alcohol and M&S white chocolate cookies (for me, as I’m supervising said party…)

Wish me luck.