Birthday cakes. Sugar and spice and all things nice?

Morning! 🙂 How’s your Saturday going so far? Mines been crappy to be honest. I was meant to be going to lovely mans for the weekend – but have a flat tyre with a very big screw where it isn’t meant to be. So instead, I’m waiting for the Kwik Fit man.

Anyway, that’s off the subject. Which is Birthday cakes. Not one, not two, but five of them. That’s one for each of the Stroppy’s, one for my Dad and one for my brother. Shit. I mean six. I’d forgotten my aunt 😦

Lets deal with the easy ones first. My aunt will be 91 on Friday and only shops in M&S, so I can pop in and get her a nice floral one from there. Done.

My Dad is happy with anything, he’s so easy going. However my mum is a coeliac so can’t have a piece of the cake unless its gluten free. Sigh. So I have three gluten free cake mixes (in case I cock 1 or 2 up!) and will make him a cake a few days before its needed. I’m sure Stroppy 3 will enjoy slapping buttercream all over it then decorating with gazillions of sprinkles 😉

My brother – same problem. Same solution. Yay!!! 🙂

Now for the harder ones – the Stroppy trio…

Stroppy 3 is fairly simple.  Mum’s doing a dozen or so cupcakes for her birthday party bags and I’ve bought personalised cupcake toppers made of rice paper to pop on the top. The lady who made them has also made a large round one to top a plain cake. A very simple decorating solution, so all I have to do is order a plain white iced sponge cake from Waitrose and pop the disc on the top, add some sparkly candles and voila! 8 year olds cake done.

Stroppy 2 will be 17 and I was hoping would ask for driving lessons so I could order a big ‘L’ and he’d be sorted. But noooooo. It couldn’t be that simple 😦 Last year he had a busty lady cake made by an amazing local lady. I may ask her for thoughts on his cake and perhaps get another original for him. My problem is that I normally do a small family tea for each of them and we have the ‘special’ cake then. But he doesn’t want that this year. As he’s going to a hotel with his friends, he doesn’t want too much fuss. Maybe I should organise balloons and a cake to be in his room when he gets there. He’d be thrilled… 😉

Stroppy 1 is the hardest one. She will be 18 and is a goth. For her 16th I got her a beautiful white chocolate cake from Choccywoccydoodah. It had a skull on the top and they personalised it for her. It was at really beautiful cake. Last year I got her a cake from my local lady – she loved it. It was a black heart with bat wings and a red corset. When we cut into it, it was a red velvet cake. Beautiful. So how do I top that this year? She has also said that she doesn’t want a family tea, but its her 18th. How can I not get her a cake? She is having cupcakes like Stroppy 3’s for her party. Do I get her a flash 18th cake? Would she appreciate it? Probably not. Hers invariably cost more than the other cakes. I can’t just buy her one from Waitrose or M&S because they don’t do a huge range of goth/black cakes. If I got her a ‘normal’ cake she’d be less than impressed. I think I’ll speak to my cake lady when I visit her about Stroppy 2’s cake. She might have some ideas….

What do you do for cakes? I used to go to Costco to get all of our cakes, but they are huge! And I love the frosting. So if there’s lots of the cake left – which there usually is when it’s that big, I will eat it. So Costco cakes are a no no on the grounds that I like them too much. I’ve tried the ready cakes from supermarkets, but some of them have been a little dry and have more icing than they need, which means they don’t go very far.

Decisions, decisions.

P.S. If you live in the Middlesex area, check Sharon’s website. She truly is a fantastic cake maker 🙂