Saturdays. What are you meant to do???

What do you do on a Saturday? I’m finding lately that I do absolutely nothing. Except perhaps have a shower and change one set of pj’s for a fresh, clean set. I think it’s lack of motivation – I just can’t be arsed.

Now it may be that my disability, which restricts my movement, is to blame. For example, should I take the Stroppy’s to the park, I can’t walk too far, and can’t walk the dog, because if she pulls on her lead it hurts my back. I can’t run with them, can’t push Stroppy 3 on swings. Simple things really.

Having a big age gap between Stroppy 2 and 3 helps enormously to be honest. They are brilliant with her and I couldn’t do half the things I do without them. I can’t go on theme park rides, so to have them there to be able to go on the rides with her is invaluable. Swimming is the same – if there aren’t graduated steps to get into a pool rather than those bleedin’ ladder type steps, I’m buggered. (Pool architects please take note). Lots and lots of everyday things would be impossible without the help of Stroppy’s 1 & 2, and of course lovely man.

I don’t really think that my disability is to blame for this latest bout of lethargy though. Nope, I think it’s to do with the weather. It’s dull and wet and cold. I prefer it bright and sunny and hot. 😉 Obviously the weather affects my back – it’s much easier to manage when it’s warm, so in that respect I could blame it on my back. But I won’t. It’s definitely a mental block. I seriously just can’t be arsed.

So we stay in our pj’s, watching silly films and eating chocolate, popcorn and drinking copious amounts of coffee and hot chocolate. It’s FAB.

I know I should get dressed and take Stroppy 3 out on her bike while enjoying the winter ‘freshness’. But instead I’m writing a blog post, baking bread, and when that’s finished we are going to make cakes. Y.U.M.