A new diet. When to start…..

OK. I’ve decided to start a diet this morning. It started really well – porridge for breakfast, soup and a roll for lunch, and a nice healthy roast prepared for dinner. Except lovely mans just arrived and taken Stroppy 3 and the dog for a walk. And therein lies the problem. I’m alone in the house, hungry, and I know full well that there’s a Lindor milk chocolate egg in a cubby hole of my car.

So I’m writing a blog post. Not because I want to talk to you – nope. (Of course I do want to, but that’s not the reason) The writing of this post is completely and utterly to stop me going out to the car and getting the chocolate egg that I know will taste A-MAZ-ING.

The reason for this diet is simple. I have lost a lot of weight. At my best I had lost approximately 11 stones. Or 154lb if you’re in the States 😉 I felt great, got into loads of lovely clothes, and more to the point was still recognisable as me. A friend summed it up well. She said I still looked like me – just maybe that I’d been popped in a tumble dryer on the hot setting and shrunk a little. Well a lot. I liked that. I liked that someone would come up and say “You look different. Have you changed your hair?” I liked that they still saw me the way they always had and that they weren’t judging me on my weight. True friends 🙂

But then last year I had an unfortunate incident – my gallbladder popped. I know. Ewwwwww. 😦 The resulting emergency operation and 6 inch abdomen scar as it couldn’t be done by the keyhole method left me quite sore and very sedentary.

So what was an 11 stone weight loss (154lb…) has been reduced to about an 8 stone loss (112lb). I feel heavy and lethargic. Mentally I always thought of myself as huge – even after such a dramatic weight loss, so three stone doesn’t really make a lot of difference to the way I see myself, but I just feel the need to get it back off. I keep thinking that soon three will be four, then five. You get the drift.

This time however, I have a huge problem. My willpower has got up and gone with my get up and go. 😦 I just can’t seem to stick to a diet. This is probably the 10th diet I’ve started this year. I know people say you shouldn’t call it a diet – it’s a ‘life change’. Cobblers. Anything that causes me to be deprived of M&S white chocolate cookies is torture. These, along with Lindor chocolate, would be my staple diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner day in, day out. My 5 a day comes pre packed on the Bakery counter in Marks.

You see what I’ve done now??? I’ve talked myself out of the bloody diet!


Excuse the pause. I just popped out to the car to get something. 😉  I have a hot cup of tea next to me and I’m going to enjoy this chocolate with my cuppa. Maybe the 11th diet will start tomorrow…..