What do your children read? DO your children read?

Stroppy 3 goes to Brownies. She LOVES it – despite this only being her fourth week. The first week they had a ‘normal’ Brownie session at the village hall. The second week they went to the theatre, which Stroppy 3 also loves. Then came ‘walk’ week, where they all walked to the local shops to be treated to chips. OMG! Why was Brownies never like this when I was little???

This week brought even more excitement, as the girls were going to a Roald Dahl workshop. Now, if there’s one thing that Stroppy 3 loves above Brownies, theatre & chips, it’s Roald Dahl stories. I took her along to where the event was organised (a local Sainsburys, bizarrely), did a bit of shopping and had a coffee at their in house Starbucks while I waited. I’ve been boycotting said coffee chain since the tax revelations, but my back was killing me and I sooo needed caffeine that I was prepared to let my principles slip for half an hour. Who’s gonna find out anyway? 😉

While drinking my skinny caramel macchiato (they wouldn’t let me pay the advertised price minus VAT), I got to thinking about a comment Brown Owl had said when we arrived. She had apologised because she thought the theme was going to be Roald Dahl but had now been told it was Matilda – “whoever that is.”

Now while I don’t expect everyone to have digested every Roald Dahl book over and over again, I would at least have thought she’d seen the bloody film! This lady has children, and surely was a child herself once? So is it that our society, being digital and computerised, has stopped some people loving books? Or is it that they just don’t want to? They’re perhaps just not that into it…….

I have always enjoyed reading, and I hope it’s a passion I’ve passed on to my children. Stroppy 1 has her laptop, iPhone, iPod touch, TV etc., but I will still find her reading the latest in the Morganville Vampires collection. (Even the books have to be goth related. Sigh. )

Stroppy 2 again has all his technology, but reads the Harry Potter collection over and over with relish, only stopping at Christmas for a while to catch up on the latest Guinness Book of Records or Ripleys Believe It or Nots.

Stroppy 3 loves to read just about anything, and has Roald Dahl sets, the entire Pony Pals series by Jeanne Betancourt, Dr Seuss books – a whole range of books to encourage and inspire a young imagination. She was delighted that the Roald Dahl workshop centered around Matilda. It’s one of her favourites and she roars with laughter when reading it. She also loved the film – as did I, which is unusual. I normally find that my own imagination makes better baddies, monsters and ghosts than any director can. I take my hat off to Danny DeVito for the brilliant directing of this film, and whoever cast the parts did amazingly. Pam Ferris was unrecognisable as Mrs Trunchbull. It’s one of our favourite Friday night movies. Along with Annie 🙂

So finally getting back to my original question. Do your children read? If so, what do they enjoy? If not, why not? Do you think it’s because of our modern age – or are they just not readers?

Let me just stress before finishing that I’m not some sort of technophobe who refuses to let her children watch TV or use electronic devices. Nope, I’m sitting typing on my iPad and when I turn that off, will be turning on my Kindle to read some of the fab book I’m currently reading. eReaders. An amazing invention! I have never before been able to take over 40 books abroad without having to pay huge a mounts of excess baggage. So it’s Kindle all the way for me 🙂