Time differences between workmen and those who have to wait in….

OK – I’ve finally worked this out! ūüôā

The workman I expected at 10am has his watch set to the time in South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands, which is why he arrived a little over 2 hours late! It’s an obvious mistake given that they are also British territory, ruled by the Queen and drive on the left. But it doesn’t mean that 10am¬†there¬†is the same as 10am¬†here……

In fact, I would think it would be safe to say that¬†everybody¬†that you have to wait in for has their watch set to this time zone. Except if you’re¬†2¬†minutes late home. Then they have an automatic reset and it can magically get them to your house¬†on time so they can leave a ‘We missed you’ card. Aaarrrrghhh!

In the time it’s taken me to log in and vent my frustrations at having to wait an additional 2 hours for said workman, he’s finished and gone. Sigh…..

Why can’t they all be like Handy Manny?