Bloody Mothers Day cards!!! :(

Have you bought your Mothers Day card? If so, did you need to buy any ‘Nan’ ones?

In the ‘main’ card shops I couldn’t find any. I found Gran, Granny, Grandma, Great gran. Everything except Nan Or Nanny. Why???

Another thing! Why do the Grandma ones all look like sympathy cards – without exception. I picked a few up and thought that my Mum would panic, wondering who was dead if she opened them on Mothering Sunday….

Who calls their Nan ‘Grandma’ anyway? I know a few people who do, but they’re in the minority. Most of my friends or their children say Nan or Nanny.

I’m bloody furious!

Do you think it’s the card companies? Have they got it badly wrong? Or have I?…..

I have a gut feeling its something to do with the Americans. It seems like they are taking over the English language, little by little. I’ll give you a few examples.

Snickers. What happened to Marathon bars?

Bounty – now Plenty. Both ridiculous names for kitchen roll….

Starburst. Formerly known as Opal Fruits.

This however, is far more serious than sweets and kitchen roll. These are our Nans they are messing with this time. I don’t want my kids to call their Nan ‘Grandma’. For a start she would not be happy – she’s much too young to be called Grandma. Grandmas are around 90 years old and sit knitting or being fed soup. At least that’s the image I get when I think of a Grandma, and that’s not my Mum at all. Not for at least another year or two 😉

I ended up going into more than half a dozen card shops, determined not to be beaten by some American greeting card designer, and finally found a couple in a little independent shop. Up yours Clintons! 😉

If you’re celebrating tomorrow, then Happy Mothers Day – no matter what you’re called. 🙂