The end of Mothers Day…

So. It was Mothers Day today. It was nice. Stroppy 3 had made me a book mark and necklace at Brownies, along with three cards made at school. I also got a bottle of perfume and a selection of Thorntons choccies all wrapped in a cellophane wrapper.

Stroppy 2 came home from his Dads with a hug, a card and a promise that he had ordered me a pressie that would be here in “3 – 5 days”. Hmmm. That’s forward planning for you. 😉

Stroppy 1 arrived home after work and has just given me a card. (She has split the ‘in transit’ gift with Stroppy 2). When she came in she told me she had a card for me, but couldn’t be bothered to give it to me until now. At 10pm….

I had bought the M&S family meal for £15 as it was all prepared and only needed to be popped in the oven. Nice and simple for lovely man, I thought. I guessed it would be a day of rest for me. After all, that’s what the name suggests….

But no. Well, it started well. I got a cup of coffee in bed and a lie in until about 9ish. When I came downstairs I was presented with all my gifts from lovely man and Stroppy 3. Then lovely man mentioned his Mum. We needed to go and see her and my aunt, who’s 91. (My Mum’s away until tomorrow, so she can have her gifts then)

My back ‘went’ on Friday. And when I say it ‘went’, it really went. I could hardly walk to be honest. So this morning, although I was a bit better I was trying to take it slow rather than inflame it again, so visiting relatives really wasn’t on my agenda. Sigh. 😦

I’d had a bath and was dressed by then, so I helped Stroppy 3 get ready, popped the dishwasher on, sorted the washing and then off we went. First was lovely mans Mum. She’s nice – we get on well, but I was aware while I was talking to her that my back was seizing from sitting for too long. Then it was off to my aunts, me to visit her and lovely man & Stroppy 3 to help me by going to the shops with a shopping list which consisted of –

Milk – 6 pints semi skimmed
Ready made mashed potato – 1 large tub
Box of Thorntons chocs for my Mum
A bottle of branded Asti Spumante – MARTINI
A bottle of Gallo White Grenache.
Yorkshire puds, 12 branded
A Maggi roasting bag

What I GOT was –

Milk, 6 pints whole
Ready made mashed potato – 1 regular tub
NO chocs for my Mum
A bottle of Tesco Spumante (which she doesn’t like)
A bottle of white wine. Not Gallo. Not White Grenache
Yorkshire puds, 14 branded
No roasting bag

1 out of 6 ain’t bad…. 😦

This ‘saving time’ exercise was meant to help my back, but just meant my Aunt didn’t see Stroppy 3 and I had to stop at Sainsbury’s anyway. Oh joy of joys….

So we finally got home just after 2pm. Lovely man made us coffee but didn’t mention me putting my feet up while he cooked dinner. So I put the roast on (he held the roasting bag). and the first load of washing in the machine. I dished up what was essentially a full Christmas dinner, complete with sprouts and yorkshires, did three loads of washing and then served pud. I must admit that lovely man sorted the kitchen after dinner and hung the washing up.

I’m in bed now. I fell asleep while trying to watch a film and chill out. I did manage to watch Call the Midwife in peace…

I popped on Facebook before writing as I keep getting little pop ups on my screen. ‘Jane says – thank my gorgeous children for all my beautiful gifts (complete with pic)’, ‘Sarah says – fab day with Tarquin and Penelope! I love my children!’, ‘Jo says – had a lovely relaxed day and my meal out was amazing’. You get the drift.

I think we should abolish Mothers Day, Fathers Day and the like. Our children should love and respect us every day of the year. As we should them. The same goes for Valentines Day. I don’t think me or lovely man should wait until a certain day of the year to tell each other we love them. We do that every day (although the flowers are few and far between!)

So I haven’t thanked my children on Facebook. I’ve thanked them personally, which is how it should be.

I also haven’t posted a stupid image saying how much I love my son or daughter and would walk over hot coals for them. I would, they know I would. But the rest of Facebook doesn’t need to know.

By the way – if you do happen to see me posting one of these images on Facebook or Twitter, please feel free to slap me!