Stroppy 2’s a doughnut….

As the title says, my son is a doughnut. A lovely doughnut. But a doughnut all the same.

It’s like he can’t process simple instructions. It’s not because of a learning disability, just selective hearing and laziness.

Take today for example. He had an appointment for an MRI scan at 7.15pm, but they called and asked if we could go earlier – preferably as close to 4.30 as possible. So I told him to come straight home after his eye appointment so that we could get there in time. He’s just called from my aunts house. “Why are you there???” I yell down the phone like a manic banshee…
“Erm, I couldn’t remember if you said you were picking me up or if I was to come home” came the reply. Sigh.
“Come. Home. Now.” I’m despondent by this time. Why can’t he follow a simple instruction?

So I’m writing this while waiting for him. I had to get my mum to get Stroppy 3 for me so that I would be ready for him and we could get there ASAP. And he forgets.

Now, this isn’t just a simple X-ray. This is a very expensive MRI, which is needed to see if his tumour has returned. And he forgets.

Is is a boy thing? The girls aren’t like it. I can give them a simple instruction and they might moan, but they’ll know what they’re supposed to be doing. Maybe boys are too laid back. I know Stroppy 2 is. He’s so laid back he’s practically horizontal….. 😦

I might pop to the shop on the way home to buy a rocket. I think I’ll need it to get him moving….. 😉