Sunny day, chasing the clouds away…..

Isn’t it a beautiful day? Well it is here 🙂
It may be -1, but the sun is out, it’s not raining and all seems right with the world. I’ve popped a little picture at the bottom of the sunshine here today. I hope you don’t get too jealous if you don’t have any 😉

I met a lovely friend for coffee this morning and now I’m sitting in the dentists waiting room writing, as I wait for her to call me in for my root canal treatment. You can sit down if you want. The chairs aren’t terribly comfy, but if you are going to be here with me, its a lot nicer to be sitting down. 🙂
Even the thought of the treatment isn’t affecting my mood. Nope, I’m happy and nothing will change that today!

After here I’m off to my mums for a coffee in the sun, then home to chill out for an hour before the school run.

Just to really top the day off with a great big cherry, I’m off to a chocoholic party tonight. Yippee!!! There really is nothing better than going to a friends house for the evening to sample and buy lots of chocolate.
If you want to look at their chocs, this is a link to their website Chocolate for Chocoholics

I do hope you enjoy looking at their chocolate as much as I enjoy eating it this evening 😉