I admit it. I’m a chocoholic….

So, I went to the Chocolate for Chocoholics party.

It was a little sombre to start with as the hostess had a bereavement recently and the funeral was the following day, so it was hard to know what to say at first. She was incredibly brave though and continued with the evening to take her mind off of it.

The rep started with a chocolate quiz. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t win. I came second 😦 I might as well have came last, as second place meant no chocolate. Sigh.

I was boosted by samples however. Three different types of chocolate were passed round for us to try. Now I’m starting to enjoy myself!

Next was a grab raffle. Oh, how I love a grab raffle! If you’ve never been to one, every ticket is pulled out. The first few people (five in this case) get their prizes, then as the numbers are called out you ‘grab’ a prize from someone who has already got one. The trick to this type of raffle is to hope that your tickets come out last. Obviously the last tickets get the prizes, snatched from the sweaty hands of another ticket holder. I didn’t win. Again.

The catalogue was full of Easter and Mothers Day goodies, and they all looked delicious. A tad pricey, but delicious all the same. I decided to get Easter gifts for Stroppy 3’s school friends. I was going to get them from Thorntons, but these looked nicer. More unusual really.


Anyway, the evening went really well. Copious amounts of wine were consumed – I had been picked up by a friend, so not only was I out without children, I could also drink ! We left quite late, having spent lots of money and without chocolate. It gets delivered next week, just in time for the end of term. 🙂

Do you like chocolate? I have to admit to being one of the chocoholics this company caters for. If I had to choose one make to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Lindor. Thorntons chocolate seems to be a little waxy now. M&S is OK, but not really chocolate to die for. Hotel Chocolat do an amazing caramel chocolate button – but you couldn’t really eat nothing but caramel buttons forever. Of course the ‘normal’ Brands do some nice bars. Galaxy is a lovely chocolate to eat with a latte, while a Twirl is delicious dunked in tea 😉

Lindor however, is on a whole different chocolate level. Any of their flavours is an amazing experience. Pop a Lindor ball into your mouth, let it melt slowly, and you have completely divine chocolate experience.

Well I do anyway 😉 I’ve been hinting about things for Easter, one of them being the maxi Lindor egg.


I know I’ve waffled a bit on this post, so I’m off to have a hot chocolate, accompanied by a white chocolate cookie (M&S natch). 😉