The tale of the onesie(s)…..

Do you have a onesie?

Before Christmas the Stroppy trio went on and on about getting onesies as presents. Stroppy 1 wanted one without feet. To wear out in public. I don’t think so…..

So I  Santa duly obliged and delivered 3 onesies on Christmas morning. Stroppy 1’s was a Zebra, complete with feet, tail and ears. (I don’t think she’ll wear it out to the shops anytime soon 😉 ). Stroppy 2’s was much the same, but was a donkey – or more appropriately for him, an ass…. Stroppy 3 got a little pink rabbit one. She loves it, so 1 out of 3 ain’t bad 😉

Looking at them all warm and cosy made me think that I should get one. They seemed great, especially for weekend PJ days. They would crawl down from their bedrooms, no need for slippers, and settle on the sofa to watch a family film. I however would be sitting in my nightie, dressing gown, slippers and would still be cold in places.

So while perusing the web last week, basically because I had nothing better to do, I thought I would look for one that came in ‘cuddly’ sizes, but still looked feminine. I found one, and it arrived on Saturday. I was sooo excited when I saw the package! Now I too will be warm and cosy without three hundred layers and a hot wheat pillow.

Four days in, I feel I can now speak with some knowledge. It’s crap. 😦 I admit it – I fell for the hype. I allowed the Stroppy’s to see their favourite ‘slebs’ on TV and in the papers wearing high price designer onesies. This made them think they were great – after all, if Harry Styles wears one, then Stroppy 3 must have one too! I fell for it because I bought them one each. You’d think that after years in sales and PR I’d know better, but no. Not me. I fell for it hook, line & sinker and bought not one, but FOUR. Five if you count the designer one I’ve ordered for Stroppy 2’s birthday. Sigh.

I’m writing this post while sitting in my onesie. The onesie that I wear my pj’s under because it’s too cold to wear on its own. The onesie that I have to take off every time I need a wee. What sort of person designs a garment that means you have to freeze your nips off when you go to the loo? The onesie I’m wearing socks with because my feet are so bloody cold. And the onesie I have a dressing gown over the top of.

Rod Stewarts ‘Do ya think I’m sexy?’ Comes to mind….. 😉



Don’t they look cool???