Do You Give to Receive?

Gooood morning! 🙂 Its blowing a blizzard here – I hope you aren’t too badly affected by the weather.

Anyway, as I’m away visiting lovely man and have no children with me, (Yippee!) I was thinking of something that happened yesterday.

Stroppy 3 finished school for the half term and a few of us mums had decided to get together for a coffee before the children came out at 12.30. There’s a lovely coffee shop just down the road from school, so we arranged to meet at 11.

As you know, I got lots of beautiful eggs from the Chocoholics party – pricey, but worth it, as they really were lovely. We met and chatted about school reports over coffee. It was a nice way to kill an hour or so.

We then went up to the school to collect the children and to let them swap eggs. Now, I had eggs for 7 children and boxes of chocolates for 5 mums. Stroppy 3 got eggs from 2 children, the mums of the other 5 hadn’t bothered. This is when it got a little…awkward.

You see, we always buy each others children Easter eggs. We have since they were in Nursery. In fact, we spoke about it a couple of weeks ago and everyone said “Yep, we’ll do Easter”. When she gave them their gifts, they didn’t apologise or say that they hadn’t had a chance to get them. Stroppy 3 was very excited about giving her friends their eggs, but the Mums said nothing as they and their children accepted gifts but gave nothing in return.

We got into the car and were driving home when Stroppy 3 asked if her friends liked her. I said of course they liked her – after all it’s not the children who buy the gifts, it’s the parents. I was furious to be honest. I never give to receive, but this wasn’t me who was overlooked by adults because they couldn’t be bothered to pick up an egg while they were shopping, it was Stroppy 3. She’s 7.

My issue is this. Am I right to be angry?….. After all, had it been my friend and I had given a gift and not got one back it wouldn’t bother me. As I’ve said in earlier posts, I like to put thought into gifts that I give, even if they are Easter eggs. So how can adults say yes to ‘doing’ Easter, and then not bother? I could never do that to a child. To make a little girl feel like her friends don’t like her because you can’t be arsed to go and get an Easter egg is inexcusable.

Do I mention it? Lovely man says not to bother and just don’t do Easter, Birthdays, Christmas with them again. I’m thinking that he’s right. You see, it’s not a case of them being short of cash because of the recession. One is a lawyer, 2 have their own (very successful) companies and the other 2 are on the boards of the companies they work for.

So bollocks to them (excuse the language). I’ll only buy for the ones who gave her Easter eggs from now on.

Giving to receive. Whatever next?