Grease is the word!

We watched Grease this evening. I love Grease. I’d actually forgotten how much I loved watching it – that was until we were dancing and doing all the actions in the living room! 

It reminds me of being 12 again. I remember vividly babysitting little girls for my Mums friend and watching this over and over again. On video. It was the latest thing in the early 80’s. 😉

I overlook the fact that they all look closer to 25 than 18. It’s just such fun to watch. All the Stroppys like it – even boy Stroppy. (although he’d never admit it!)

Do you have a film you loved as a child and can watch with your children? Maybe yours is a musical as well, or a Disney favourite? I would happily watch Disney films all day long, and now Stroppy 3 is on her Easter break the Disney channel is on all day…..

I don’t mean to be a spoil sport, but there are only so many episodes of Jessie that I want to see 4 or 5 times…  And I don’t know if you’ve watched the Disney channel lately, but the characters on it are getting much more….rude.

Take Jessie as an example. She is meant to be a teenager who has been taken on by jet setting multi millionaires to look after their brood, which includes two adopted children. The eldest child just shops. And shops and shops and shops. No one tells her it’s wrong, or to stop. Not her parents, or her nanny. What is that teaching my 7 year old? The 7 year old on the show is a girl called Zuri and she doesn’t shop. But she is precocious and has a violent streak, often threatening siblings, other children and even adults. Again with no consequences for her actions.

Austin & Ally is another show she loves, but it shows 4 teenagers always getting into trouble – one who keeps getting sacked from jobs (to canned laughter), and not much else. Have role models changed that much? And where are all the adults???

know my little girl is growing up. It’s not the first time I’ve been through this, but the programme makers ideas have changed. When Stroppy 1 & Stroppy 2 were young, we didn’t have unlimited channels, and to be honest even if we had, the Disney channel would have been one I would have said was acceptable viewing. Now though, I’m not so sure….

Should I allow her to continue watching these programmes? She loves them and would watch them all day, every day if she was allowed. But are some of the things that she says or does the fault of Disney rather than Stroppys 1 & 2? I’ve been blaming them, but when I watch the shows with her, I see similarities in the behaviour of characters.

It’s a really tough one. She seems to have jumped from Little Einsteins and Dora, to ‘tween’ shows that seem a little too old for her. It’s like there are no shows for children of 7 – 10 years old. They are a gap in the market and its a little worrying that the shows she’s watching are making her grow up too soon.