Independent schools = more school holidays. Does that make sense???

So, the school holidays have now officially started here, although Stroppy 3 has been off for a week already.

She’s has extra days because she goes to an independent school. She actually gets a lot more holidays than she would if she were in a state school. Why is that? Why, when we work hard to pay for her education so she has the best start possible, do they give her so much more holiday time?

The difference in holidays goes like this.

Easter holidays

State school – 19 days
Stroppy’s school – 25 days

Summer holidays

State school – 42 days
Stroppy’s school – 54 days!!!!

Autumn half term

State school – 9 days
Stroppy’s school – 16 days

Christmas holidays

State school – 16 days
Stroppy’s school – 25 days

So, going by this, we pay a small fortune for her to have an additional 34 days off in the year. Now I’m not great at maths, but even I know that’s over a month extra!
Why on earth is this? Do they push them so hard that the children need extra rest? I don’t think so – she comes out singing and happy, so she can’t be being beaten into doing her times tables or spellings each week. 😉

As I’m at home it’s never been a problem for us, but for many of her friends parents, it’s a bloody nightmare. How can they go to work and look after their children? They are conveniently helped by the school, who run Holiday Clubs (at extra expense of course!) to help working parents by looking after their children for them.
If they didn’t give them an extra 6 weeks off a year perhaps the parents wouldn’t need this service…

A few of the mums who are friendly have tried to work round this by organising a rota. They each take a day of the week off – Me Monday, Brats mum Tuesday, Nice girls mum Wednesday, etc., then the children are passed around from house to house having ‘play days’ that are actually designed to save some parents a considerable amount of money on Holiday Club fees.

I don’t mind taking a turn. I’m at home anyway, it means Stroppy 3 gets a few days playing with friends, and I get a day or two to myself to rest my back, do the shopping, make some phone calls or suchlike without Stroppy 3 constantly complaining that she’s ‘bored’.

Should we be speaking to the school about this huge amount of additional time off? And it is a huge amount. Almost 7 extra weeks off of school would be unheard of if your child went to a state school and you popped in to ask the Head for some extra holiday. Can you imagine? They already fine you if you so much as mention starting your holiday two days before the term ends. What on earth would they do if you asked for six weeks ??? I can just see the face of a headmaster/mistress if you went in and asked for that 😉

I admit that she’s ahead academically, but if the holidays matched that of a state school, would she be even further ahead? Would it mean our money was being better spent if she was at school for those extra 6 weeks?