Wookey Hole. Should we, or shouldn’t we?

Myself and lovely man have a few days the week after next when we only have Stroppy 3 to entertain. Stroppy 1 & 2 are visiting with their Nan (much to their disgust) because she wants to see them for their birthdays.

So when an offer email from Wookey Hole popped into my inbox today, my interest was pricked. We have only taken Stroppy 3 there once before. She was about three at the time but for some reason she has remembered the trip and goes on and on about visiting again.

It’s quite an interesting place for a day out to be honest.  There’s lots to do – although if you have a mobility problem then you need to be aware that there are lots of steps going through the caves.

And they have their very own witch. You can’t beat a good witch, and Stroppy 3 loved her! She’s not too bad a witch to be fair and although pretending to be scary, she was lovely and very helpful.


As well as the caves (complete with stored smelly cheese in the depths), they have a circus, fairy garden, prehistoric valley and a penny arcade. We really enjoyed our day there, had lunch in their Big Top restaurant, visited the shops –  when we were there one was a general souvenir shop and the other a specialist teddy shop, and then took the long drive home, each devouring a gorgeous locally made Somerset ice cream from the little kiosk by the car park. Y.U.M.

Now though, they have a hotel. I LOVE a nice hotel – especially one we haven’t been to and that has ‘luxury rooms’, each with a private balcony overlooking the caves.

That’s it. I’m sold. 😉

It doesn’t matter that its freezing at the moment and the balcony is probably going to be a waste of space. Noooo. All that matters is that it has one.
We would also get to have breakfast with the witch. O.M.G.

So I’m currently trying to persuade lovely man that spending around £350 on one night/two days is a good idea. He’s a bit hesitant given my mobility problems and the weather. Both sensible worries you might think. Nah 😉 I’ve tried to tell him not to worry about me – I’ve been like this for about 20 years so I’m quite good at knowing my limitations and doing things accordingly. As far as the weather goes, we have coats and gloves…

If we do go, I wonder if Stroppy 3 will like it as much as she did the first time she went, or even if it will live up to her expectations. Is she remembering it the way it was, or has her imagination made it comparable to Disney world?

Wookey Hole

Wookey Hole