I SOOO want to move :(

Do you like where you live? Do you love where you live? I don’t. I want to move. NOW. 

My problem lies in the children’s schooling mainly. Stroppy 1 is still at 6th Form and isn’t sure what she wants to do – maybe a gap year then off to Uni. Stroppy 2 is at college and loves it. He’s planning another 2 years there progressing on his chosen course. Stroppy 3 is at junior school, but it is an exceptionally good independent school in the top 100 in the UK. She loves it there and I just can’t pull any of them out to relocate them.

But I also love where Lovely Man lives. By the sea, with the sun shining and the wind blowing. Yes there are bad days, but even then it’s so much better than living where I live.

We live in Greater London. I’m not saying it’s not nice. We live near canals, rivers and lots of green space, but it’s just so…built up. Every time I drive down a road I haven’t been flown for a few weeks, there’s another block of flats! What’s that all about? And the prices are rising daily again, despite the so-called recession.

But it’s really the people that I live near that make me want to leave. None of them work (legally), and once the children of school age have been deposited at school and are out of their hair for the day, they don’t spend their days doing anything worthwhile. Nope, they stand out the front of their terraced block of houses smoking, drinking coffee and playing very loud music, day in, day out. You’d think they didn’t have back gardens…..Do I sound like a snob? If I do I don’t care – frankly if Lovely Man hadn’t persuaded me otherwise, I would have told them to their faces.

It’s these people I can’t bear, not the area. And the really sad thing is that their children are growing up with no work ethic or social skills. It’s sad to see generation after generation going the same way. Are these the ‘underclass’ we hear so much about? I would hazard a guess that they are.

My daughter had a small tea for her birthday recently – it was really only meant for me and her brother and sister but I had put out the candy buffet that I’d made for her sisters party, some mini cream sodas, just extra bits and pieces, so she wanted to invite one of the girls over. She’s from the only nice family there, so I didn’t have a problem with it. However once she was in, another two girls who live a couple of doors from her knocked to come in as well. The two girls are from the same family – the mother has 5 children all under 7 and they run wild. I was shocked however, to see one of the girls shoving food into her coat pockets when she thought no one was looking. It played on my mind. The children definitely look underfed and my first thought was to call social services, but Lovely Man said to wait a while and think about it. Reporting someone has never occurred to me before, but this really shook me. The mother can smoke all day but the children are stick thin. It’s something as a parent I wouldn’t even consider doing, but it seems that this underclass thinks nothing of letting their children go hungry so they can have a fag.

Anyway, back to the point (I’ll let you know if I report her soon). At Lovely Mans house he has a couple of nice neighbours that he doesn’t really see much of. None of this avoiding people’s eyes because they think you’re stuck up. (I probably am! 😉 ) People smile at you and say good morning. There is quite a high percentage of older people in the area, which is nice as it means that the unemployment in his immediate area is low. There are some places near that have high unemployment, but we don’t go to them often, and you can’t really notice when you do as there are so many holidaymakers there that the underclasses get sort of lost in the happy holiday throngs.

There are some very good grammar schools near his house as well, so if possible I’d like Stroppy 3 to try out for a couple of those. It would be nice to live a simpler life at his house. And of course it’s right next to the beach. I keep dropping subtle hints about a pretty pastel beach house, but so far funds don’t stretch quite that far….

Just writing this has made my mind up – if it wasn’t made up already.  I am going to do my level best to be moving to the coast when Stroppy 3 transfers to grammar school.

It’s the simple life for me 🙂